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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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Harve Bennett wanted to do this and that's why GR leaked the destruction of the Big E in TSFS. GR's perception was that HB was coming into Star Trek and whittling away at the core elements of what GR had previously created, he'd do this by transplanting the crew onto the Excelsior.
As much as I love the Enterprise (I have one on my beside table), they should've moved the crew onto the Excelsior.

Funny that it ended up being Rick Berman that ended up doing exactly what Roddenberry feared Bennett would do by blowing up the Enterprise and replacing it with a warship then killing off two of Trek's most iconic characters (Kirk, Data).
I'm going back in time here but wasn't there a comic series out in about 1984/5 where Kirk and the crew are aboard the Excelsior after TSFS - I'm sure of this?

I agree about moving them on, if Kirk was the best Captain and who Starfleet send out for the tricky stuff, it makes sense he should have had access to the most powerful ship in the fleet, I think this sort of thinking was clear in the way Bennett approached the character of Kirk initially - Trek under Bennett was an altogether more military centric proposition.
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