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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

Cutter John wrote: View Post
* Ohhh, lovign the Tardis interior more and more. The lower level, and the quick glimpse of corridor.
I'm liking it better. I didn't quite like it so much last time, but there definitely appears to be more space here, which was my chief complaint.

The Lensman wrote: View Post
I did get a little kick out of the nod towards Amy though. (That first creepy little girl robot was based on a character from a book by Amelia Williams)
Am I wrong in thinking that the spoonhead the Doctor saw on the street looked kinda like Rory?

teacake wrote: View Post
Clara looked younger than the other times we saw her.
It felt like that for me too. I wonder if that means anything.
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