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Re: Neelixes Strongest episode

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Supposedly Neelix was intended to be the roguish scoundrel type character like Quark was over on DS9. Though intentions didn't factor out into what we got.

Really Neelix was just a jerk who had to force himself upon every situation regardless of how useless or unwanted he is. He has to be the center of attention and has severe jealousy issues. You can't even use a replicator ration or cook something yourself without him getting territorial. To say nothing of his blundering nature as morale officer and ambassador.

No doubt he meant well under it all, but he's just like the annoying house guest who won't go away and just burrows his way into the situation. He genuinely did serve as a paternal figure to Naomi after all. That was probably his most successful role and his scenes in that regard were annoying only because of the child aspect of it more than Neelix's regularly douchebaggery.

For a specific episode of his that I liked... well I'd have to say Fair Trade tops my list. Even in this one he really show how despicable he can be. Sure he lied and stole from his comrades, dealt drugs and was an accessory to murder, but it was all well intentioned. It all just started as him turning a blind eye to a petty crime as a favor to an old friend he owed a lot, and then just spiraled more and more deep. At least then he did the right thing in the end. Still... that's the only episode where I can say I really felt for him, and even then it was just... his own stupidity that got him into it.

Honestly, he demonstrated from Day 1 he was completely untrustworthy. In Caretaker he lies to Voyager's crew about their people being in a Kazon encampment just so he can rescue his girlfriend. Said lie ends up with them getting captured and Neelix escalating the situation by taking their leader hostage and expecting Janeway to get him out of it. Then when Kes falls all over herself to help them in gratitude, which is only proper, he has the audacity to complain saying they don't owe Voyager anything. When all he had to do was tell the truth and Janeway probably would've helped anyways. At least then she'd know she was going into a hostile situation without the Talaxian draft dodger making things worse. How Janeway ever trusted Neelix after that it beyond me. Must be his idolizing of her.
Paris, Torres, Chakotay, Suder, Jonas and half the crew were terrorist, murderers, thieves, liars and traitors to their own government..........but Neelix is untrustworthy and didn't deserve a second chance?
Suder and Jonas never were in Starfleet. Suder was an unrepentant pyscho killer and all he was told to do was go to his room. Jonas had an axe to grind simply because he was conscripted into Starfleet against his will and told his life was worth less than Federation principles.

Chakotay resigned from Starfleet, and Paris and Torres were kicked out. So calling them traitors isn't accurate. Also name anyone these three have murdered or stole from. I can't.

As for terrorists? Yeah... I guess they were. So what? The Federation told the Maquis to take care of themselves, that the peace treaty that the Cardassians weren't honoring was more important than the lives of their own civilians... sot they took care of themselves. If you're going to claim that just because they joined the Maquis to protect people that Starfleet wouldn't over a treaty that didn't work and ended with the Cardassians joining the Dominion and initiating the largest war in history, that they lack morality on any sort of level, I'm going to say you have your morals twisted to say the least.
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