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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

I think there's some more interesting info on this in Shatner's Star Trek Movie Memories; the intention was to move everyone onto the Excelsior and continue like that.

Harve Bennett wanted to do this and that's why GR leaked the destruction of the Big E in TSFS. GR's perception was that HB was coming into Star Trek and whittling away at the core elements of what GR had previously created, he'd do this by transplanting the crew onto the Excelsior. According to Shatner's book, GR worked with bombers in WW2 and had an attachment to the equipment, HB was involved with choppers by all accounts and wasn't especially fussed about whether it was this one, or that one, this explains the demise of the Enterprise and GR's frustration with HB. All quite convenient from TSFS onwards as the Excelsior scenes for Sulu in TWOK were cut. I liked the idea of the Excelsior being the new Enterprise, the Enterprise was already a training ship in TWOK so it would have made sense to simply move the crew on.

So the Big E was reprieved by fan power in part as I understand it, they found another ship to re-name at the end of TVH and the Excelsior didn't make another appearance until TUC when all was restored for the Sulu character.
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