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Re: Janeway Delta Quadrant BUN

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This is entertainment my friend. We want to be ENTERTAINED! We dont want to see some school marm (that 300 years far back enough for you?) with a pickle up her arse that thinks she is Gods gift to the delta quadrant. She is pompous ... Its pathetic

I'm on the "Janeway is sexy" boat. It was extra exciting when her bun would come loose! The crazier the situation became, her hair always matched. I wasn't a fan of the bun of steel but enjoyed when it came loose and we got to see her with the long hair.
It's funny that I am so meh about that bun now (Season 4 hair is my favorite) because when I first watched Voy I was in LOVE with it. Just besotted. Yes I remember thinking, "wow she really looks like Katherine Hepburn" and finding that whole strict look, sharp tone entrancing. And then of course so many other sides of Janeway came out, and hair styles!

Here's a wonderfully hilarious tour..

It drives me up the effing wall. Voyager is like a housing project. Lets skimp on the hair stylists. Lets let Tim Russ natural curdle hair on camera and call him a vulcan and lets be fine with it! Lets have Janeway with this ridiculous 24th century home-grown-corn-pone mullet ON CAMERA.. and RUNNING THE SHIP.. Ever seen a comb? or Pantene Pro-V?

Voyager was the beginning of the end of star trek for the above reasons.. deviation from STANDARDS and BASELINES.... Who wants to watch a show about tupac firing a spacegun "gat" or joe biden playing a fiddle on the holodeck? it DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF ENTERTAINMENT PEOPLE!!

Jeezus Cristo!!

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