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Re: Someone has got to do this

Actually, the web Flash animation series "How It Should Have Ended" did something something "kinda'" like that. For its spoof of the '09 Trek film, the Enterprise does NOT break free of the the black hole caused by the Narada's destruction. It falls into the event horizon but is not destroyed. Instead, it emerges a "long time ago in a galaxy...", well, you know the line, whereupon it is blasted by the DeathStar. We cut to Vader who breaks the fourth wall, realizing, "Oh, we're gonna' catch so much crap for that!" The credits play and then we cut back to Vader who gets nerve pinched into unconsciousness by the elderly Spock Prime having beamed in behind the Sith Lord. Spock gives a knowing look at the "camera" and the segment ends.


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