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Re: Janeway Delta Quadrant BUN

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This is entertainment my friend. We want to be ENTERTAINED! We dont want to see some school marm (that 300 years far back enough for you?) with a pickle up her arse that thinks she is Gods gift to the delta quadrant. She is pompous ... Its pathetic

A lot of us do love Janeway. In fact there is a whole thread (it's on it's second incarnation) called "How is Janeway sexy." And yes I have been ENTERTAINED by Janeway and company.
OP is stepping on dangerous territory!
Janeway is sexy, bun or no bun!!!!
All hair complaint threads turn into Lovefests.

This is a constant

You and Hitler oughta get together
You oughta learn to knit and wear matching sweaters
Janeway does Melbourne
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