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Re: Tuvoks Hair... ridiculous

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There was no irony, but there was no malice either, just a little ignorance followed by stubbornness which is persisting.

I have more experience with African Africans than African Americans, and even then I have considerable more experience with South Africans who are really no help in this... But a bowl cut which my Avatar is all about rocking is about keeping straight hair out of your eyes. Afro's don't grown down? For Tuvok to have a bowl cut he would have to use a flat-iron to straighten his hair every morning which is ridiculousness only women go through because they're all stone cold masochists when it comes to fashion.
Dude ..uh... what?? How did we go from "Tuvok looks like a Motel6 Vulcan" to your "straight iron hair every morning, vs bowl cut, african american-yada yada-and-lets-throw-africa into it for good measure" nonsense rant?? Tim Russ's "natural hair" looks ridiculous for THIS role! Marina Sirtis "natural hair" looked ridiculous on TNG season 1.. and they FIXED it with successive seasons....

Why could the same not be possible with Mr Russ? No one wants to be distracted by ridiculousness while we are trying to focus on STAR TREK. Its like going to a 3D movie...

... and dont get me started about that receeding hairline....


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