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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

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There's certain codecs, like H.264, that don't display properly in Quicktime on Windows machines, which causes an effect like that. It looks like BBCA may have received the episodes as a QT file and just ran it on a Windows box straight to air without checking the quality.

In fact, I just checked the white and black values of the Torchwood caps and they match the listed ranges in that link, so that's probably what happened.
I should note that those screencaps were made using VLC Player, from a recording made on a dvd recorder, in SP mode, from a SD (digital cable) channel. Comcrap Cable.

The End of Time Pts 1-2, also shown today, looked normal, as in colorful, rich, textured film grade quality. The Eleventh Hour is playing now, and it too looks fine.
That's what had me so concerned when I watched last night.
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