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Re: Race + Comics: On Green Lanternís Near-Death Experience

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In DC's June solicitations, there is mention of Guy making a major change in GLC and then suddenly appearing in the Red Lanterns book (the covers of both GLC and RL feature Guy, with the latter featuring him decked out in a Red Lantern uniform).

In a pre-departure interview Fialkov gave, he mentioned his plans to raise the profile of RL among the other Green Lantern titles and have it become a sister book to GLC. One sure fire way for that to have happened is if Guy had taken over the book, IMO.

That would also give all five Earth Lanterns some space to be on their own if they were divided like this:
Hal: Green Lantern (plus Justice League)
Guy: Red Lanterns
John: Green Lantern Corps
Kyle: New Guardians
Simon: Justice League of America
Guy going over to Red Lanterns permanently would not sit right with me. He was the one whose greatest love was the Corps, and whose greatest hatred was having that red ring on because someone was trying to take it from him. Of course, who knows what will happen now that Fialkov has walked. I really fear the Lantern books are in trouble.

Also, was it ever said that Hal was returning to Justice League? The June solicitations don't.
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