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More Travis-centric stories would have helped. It wouldn't have had to be much, but at least give him a story each season actually about Travis, rather than occasionally being the first victim character. And he had an impressive physique in his tank top during the prisoner torture/interrogation scene of "In a Mirror Darkly"; he should have had more action scenes.

Yeah the guy was built, on equal footing of physique and good looks as Trip or even moreso. It seems that time has lessened fans hatred of Travis. I remember back about 10-11 years ago fans on here would really go after poor Anthony Montgomery and Travis Mayweather. You couldn't tell who they were more pissed at the actor or character. Day after day this is a variation of what I would read here:

Travis doesn't do anything, he always has that stupid smile on his face, Travis is useless, he has that stupid smile on his face, he acts so immature, he has that stupid smile on his face.

I remember around a decade ago the ladies here really loved Trip, Reed and Archer (especially Trip and Reed) but Travis was just as good looking but (probably b/c he a black dude) the poor guy never got the same fan attention from the women. It was tough to call it as racism b/c there was never concrete proof either way, but sure as hell looked like the reason on the surface for the poor guy. He was the least developed of all the supporting players. They had 4 whilte male actors and then they stick this one good looking black guy in there and give him nothing to do, but Star Trek fans instead of turning on the writers/directors spewed venom at actor Anthony Montgomery.

Today after reading many posts here it seems like fans have decided to be much more fair to Anthony/Travis then a decade ago in GW Bush's Presidency. It wasn't all Montgomery's fault as much as it was the writers setting up some interesting backstories and then dropping the ball by never following up on them. I really liked the space boomer idea as well, and I wish they creators made more of it.

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