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i was born in a very religious family and i was very religious growing up.But now i consider all religion as nothing more than idealogies and cults. I understand where you are coming from. But religion can be changed or abandoned even. It is not personnal. It is a form of brainwashing.
Just as you say that in bold, there is no absolute research stating that being gay is not--for some--a matter which can be considered born of nurture, rather than nature.

It is not personnal. It is a form of brainwashing.
Faith is beginning of it all, which is within the mind and soul, while religion is the vehicle of translation regarding that belief, teaching and history. To even refer to it--in your blanketing, offensive manner--as brainwashing (and not personal) drips of hatred/agenda, or misinformation. Take your pick.
what a remarkable lack of awareness. To say something so offensive that drips of hatred/ agenda and then to accuse someone of the same thing almost in the same breath.
You are not getting the point: if you are referring to the "Nature v nurture" comment, that is to illustrate how he cannot see that something he seems to care about can be judged in the same fashion. Moreover, referring to religion as "brainwashing" or a "cult" in his absolutist terms is born of his unrelenting hatred, while an analysis of behavior--free of hateful descriptions--is not.

It would be IF one were to say, "ahh yer just a bunch of freaks," or something along those lines, but it is quite obvious that was not implied.
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