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Re: Georgia toddler mauled to death by family's pack of dogs

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I have long advocated for the extinction of this Frankensteinian breed of dog.
Pit bulls are generally more docile than other breeds the same size. The reason that you hear about so many bad ones are (aside from media knowing people will read it) that pits are fight dogs, taught (not bred) to be aggressive and have such a strong jaw that IF they are agressive, they're going to fuck someone's world up.

Chow's are worse, but since they're so weak comparatively you don't hear about what they do.
Agreed. The problem lies with the owners, not the breed.

In this case, I don't question the breed as much as the number of dogs the family owns. Granted, I don't know their particular situation, but I'd think it would be hard to properly socialize 9 dogs without specialized training and/or experience.
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