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Re: How does the Joystick Pad works?

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Fundamentally, though, two sticks isn't better than one mainly because sticks are stupid in a 3D environment. They are meant for 2D, say, forward motion where two types of rotation solve all of your problems, or crane handling where two types of translation suffice, because they can only be tilted in two cardinal directions and that's it. Two joysticks only provide two translations and two rotations, leaving one of each wanting.

Twisting would add the third dimension, though. But you can only twist a joystick along one axis without confusing the motion with one of the tilting ones. Just ditch the stick and have a ball - like the TNG shuttles. That one can be rotated every which way, and shoved forward/aft, left/right and up/down, all with one hand, and still leaving the fingers of that hand to do other tasks.

Not that the Trek shuttles would really need six degrees of freedom, considering how often they fly like aeroplanes or sometimes helicopters...

Timo Saloniemi
I've never noticed those circular balls on the shuttle controls before. Interesting, but not particularly cinematic. I always preferred the option of a recessed joysticks in the consoles.

Also, why would two joysticks not suffice? The thrust and direction would be separate, no? So, one to control amount of thrust and it's direction and one to control the angle on any axis?

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