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Re: Star Fleet and Genocide

King Daniel wrote: View Post
Wasn't Picard ordered to exterminate the Borg should any future opportunities come up? In "Descent", I believe.
The program designed by Data and LaForge would have destroyed the Borg computers, it would have been like at the end of the episode Scorpion, if the Voyager's EMH had simply turned off all of Seven of Nine's implants at the same time.

Many of the Borg would have died, either through the implants no longer functioning, or being trapped aboard dead cubes. But some others would have survived, freed from the collective.

Dream wrote: View Post
I couldn't stand the Section 31 genocide plot on DS9. The worst thing about it was that parts of the Federation wanted it to succeed. Is this Federation even worth saving?
Yes, it was a matter of survival. Not just preventing death, but preventing future enslavement and rule through intimidation. The Federation and Starfleet had no direct access to the leaders of the Dominion through conventional warfare, the sickness gave them access.

The Founders had every right to annihilate humanity after that point.
The "right" no, but likely Humanity would have faced annihilation if the Dominion had won.

The Federation was just as bad as Section 31 for refusing to give the cure.
Withholding the cure saved lives, the lives of the personnel in Starfleet. Could Starfleet have fought the Dominion forces to eventual victory? Possibly, but how many addition people in Starfleet would have been killed in the process? Certainly more than died (and were injured) with the cure shortening the war.

How many of your own people are you willing to lose Dream, in order that a biological weapon not be used?

R. Star wrote: View Post
The Link was inflected by Odo before the war even began.
For all we know, Section 31 routinely infects newly contacted species that show the possible ability to destroy the Federation. When they prove to be just "normally" hostile, section 31 spreads the cure, the same way they spread the original sickness. Section 31 then not being in the business of keeping the Federation out of all conflicts, just preventing the Federation's destruction.

By that point the worst thing the Dominion had done was destroy ships that entered their space.
Thereby showing that they are a threat.

And they did wipe out a Bajorian colony that was in the gamma quad, but outside Dominion space. The Dominion only being a portion of the quadrant.

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