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Re: Orphan Black kept my Attention.

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The bad? Americans attempting English accents. It's BBC America making this show, and it has to ba viable in a British market when they sell it back tot he homeland. the two women with the same face... One is English the other American.
From what I read, it was developed by a Canadian company, the same one that did Being Erica, then it was picked up by BBC America.
Space is calling it a "Space Original" series, so I'm gathering that they're co-producing the show and BBCA picked it up. I don't recall seeing their logo in the credits though. As for where it takes place, I'm not quite sure. In one interview, Tatiana says her character comes "over here", but that's not too specific. I do seem to recall seeing the CN Tower in one shot, so maybe it's set in Toronto?
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