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Re: The ENT and Melakon

Unexpected? To be honest... I didn't like that episode at all. I find nothing "fluffy" about it. Trip was basically raped without his knowledge. It's like a sick old perv dropping his pants and asking a kid who doesn't know better if they want to play a "game" which is exactly how it was described to Trip in the episode.

The whole alien pregnancy thing aside, not only is Trip violated without his knowledge or consent but the whole crew pretty much seems to think it's a big joke and berates him for it. Nice to see victim blaming is alive and well in the 22nd century. To be honest this always struck me as a "what were they thinking" episode. To say nothing of even in Enterprise they can't avoid holodeck episodes. Though the Klingon "i can see my house from here" did make me laugh.

Terra Nova was overly cliche, but at least it didn't actively offend even if it was boring. It's just an unoriginal concept, there's no character development and this has zero consequences in the future. Couple that with it not being entertaining and you have.... a fairly typical season 1 Enterprise episode.
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