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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

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Picture quality question for British viewers...

How does the show look airing in England now? I ask because here in the US, it looks very, I mean, Syfy Channel Saturday night original movie cheap. Previous seasons look handsome, with Beautiful, crisp, rich colorful images. The digital cameras they've switched(?) to are producing a washed out color look, very much like those Syfy Z grade flicks shot in Bulgaria. Or is it just the transmission equipment BBC America is using? Thanks.
It looks like an aesthetic decision. All digital footage for TV or film is color graded after it's shot, so when you're watching professional material, the 'look' is never going to appear how the cameras captured it. In this new season, the blacks are crushed, colors muted in outdoors shots, and the whole thing has a slight blue tint to it. It's definitely intentional, and I personally thought it looked pretty good, very cinematic.

I'm not British, but here's caps from the original feed:

(Check out that woman's coat on the left; there's no detail in it at all. They've definitely crushed the darks way down.)

The color palette appears to get less saturated and colder as the episode goes on, which I hadn't noticed before. Maybe to enhance a sense of a looming threat?
Thank you. It's probably a combination of both production choice and BBC America transmission. They ran Torchwood Children of Earth today, and it had the same washed out color look as DW did last night..

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