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Re: How widespread is transporter technology?

...No different from keys, locks and doors today.

Something I noticed about Enterprise (or thought I did) is that in the mid 22nd century, the Vulcans don't obviously have transporter technology. It would be a prideful moment if Humans developed it before they.
I guess Vulcans would be the type to invent the technology and then declare it bio-incompatible for the next five centuries.

However, Andorians certainly have indigenous transporters, placing Vulcans at a distinct disadvantage in such a case, and prompting them to man-rate their devices ASAP. Or to develop them if such tech is still missing from their arsenal.

We do see a fair share of Vulcan shuttlecraft in the show. But do we indeed never see Vulcan transporters in action? How did the strike teams in "Awakening" deploy to the Forge, for example?

Timo Saloniemi
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