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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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Was Mike McMaster's work (Bridge, D7, Romulan BOP) ever licensed?

What about Geoffrey Mandel's early work (Independence, K-7)?

You know, it looks to me like McMaster just put his work out there by mail order and waited to see if anybody sued. And as far as I ever heard, he either flew under the studio's radar or they considered him smallfry, being self-published and all.

Paramount must have seen his classified ads in STARLOG. I don't know if they ever contacted him. And of course he died very young. I love his drawings, especially the bridge.
McMaster's D7 blueprints were sold by Roddenberry's Lincoln Enterprises.
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^And along with FJ's Enterprise prints, were reproduced by FASA for their Star Trek role-playing game.
I don't think any of these observations settles the question either way.
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