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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

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^ Yes, Kazran Szardick sounds exactly like Sally Sparrow.
...who was that, the old man out of A Christmas Rip-off? Either way, you know exactly what I'm saying. The Steven Moffat guide to writing a likeable female character is just thinking "she's supposed to be sassy" and then making her sound what he imagines hip young people are like. Which means post-modern "urrhurr, it's all SOOO ironic" interchangeability with all his other female characters that makes even Ace look reasonable by comparison. It's only that Carey Mulligan is demonstrably a good actress that she wasn't exactly the same and found a bit more about her character, whereas Gillan and Jenna are clearly just glad to be there and playing it as written. Alex Kingston's performance screams someone delighted to pretend to be young. All his female characters are essentially Dexter Fletcher in Press Gang plus pretending Matt Smith is shaggable in every other sentence.
Try not to talk about me, it's only giving me what I want after all, and I do more than enough laughing already.
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