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Re: Star Fleet and Genocide

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At that point the Federation and its allies were already winning the war. The virus was no longer about preserving the Federation, but just murdering the leaders of the Dominion. The Federation was just as bad as Section 31 for refusing to give the cure.
You can't even say that really. The Link was inflected by Odo before the war even began. It was in Season 4's Broken Link that Odo delivered the virus to them. By that point the worst thing the Dominion had done was destroy ships that entered their space.
Well, at that point, here's what Starfleet knew about the Dominion:
-That the Founders were planning to impose their totalitarian rule on everyone they could
-The Founders were paranoid xenophobes that couldn't be reasoned with
-Founders could replace anyone at anytime without alerting anyone
-Attempted to start a war between the Federation and the Tzenkethi
-Made slave races that thought of them as gods
-Founders infiltrated Earth

The first two points alone would make me start working on some sort of WMD as a contingency plan and the events of The Adversary would just confirm that a bioweapon and genocide was the way to go.
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