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Re: New Star Trek game - Shatner vs Gorn

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That's a great ad. It's too bad the game is going to be terrible.
It'll be a decent enough third person shooter as long as you're not the type that gets hung up if it doesn't match the ST universe in your head in exacting detail.
I'm not usually one to get hung up in the details as long as a game is fun.
But, from what I've seen so far...,
My 'TOS-gut' is telling me I'm probably not the demographic this game is aiming for.

The Gorn just seem too far off from the 'norm', and as an older Trek nerd, I guess that does make a difference.
This reminds me of when there was a Star Wars game featuring "Trandoshans" but they didn't look like movie Trandoshans.
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