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Re: Why my friend doesn't like DS9: Sisko.

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What Tosk said is common-sense.
You calling it narcissistic merely shows your own biases you project onto others.

As for Picard - the borg crushed Picard's "iron" will with little more than an afterthought and used his knowledge and skills to bitch-slap the federation.
Deal with it.
And, yes, that was partly Picard's fault, too. Capturing the enemy captain is quite a feat for the capturer - far harder than merely destroying the enemy ship; it highlights either the incompetence of the captured or his naivete.
Common sense according to whom? Your mighty opinion?
You need to look up the definition of "common sense".

I simply don't think people should be blamed or maligned for things they didn't do. Unlike you seemingly, I see both sides on an issue. If that's how you resolve conflicts in your real life by being one-sided, well heaven help you and all people like you.
It is easy to bee both sides of any issue when you're doing butt-hurt ivory tower philosophying. If you think you're special for doing this you're kidding yourself.

What you are obviously unable to understand is that, when your loved ones are the ones doing the dying, ivory tower philosophying is just a bad joke.
What philosophising? I never mentioned that. I'm simply citing my opinion (which seemingly to you is offensive) that neither party is "to blame". Yet you without much reasoning or logic are citing Picard as the sole culpable party. What you do in your own life is your own business, but I feel sorry for those close to you if you're so arbitrary or God-like in your reasoning.

As for Picard getting captured, well this depends if all reasonable action could be taken to prevent it. This is general military protocol.

Lastly, common sense does not exist. Get with it, pops.
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