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Orphan Black kept my Attention.

I love shit about twins and mistaken identity and all that prince and the pauper/parent Trap/As You Like it... Anything that allows for a masquerade... yes I like the lying Game and yes I pretended that Ringer didn't suck.

Skuzzie, kinda hot low life drug dealer (seemingly not a junkie, or it least not trouble by recreational use like the losers you see on PSAs) grifter makes a chance connection with her doppelgänger who is throwing her self under a train.

Tickity clack, clack clack clack, clack!

Marvellous pacing, great direction and an interesting set of music choices, because you got some spooky dooky at work here... But what does the hero of our story do when confronted with possibly a rendition of herself invading her world from the other side of the frakking looking glass?

What does she do?

Our hero steals her dead twin's handbag and wallet that was left under awning away from where she lept under the carriage.

I mean that's understandable?

So what does she do next?

Finds some house keys and plans to loot and plunder possibly her sisters house for anything of value.

Maybe she's a dick, and maybe she had a plan and all this bull shit is white noise getting in the way of what's really important.

Deffinitely a drama, very dark but elements of humour, not haw haw humour but there are a few situations which called for a wry smile now and then as "Sarah" took advantage of her situation walk a day in another woman's shoes.

The bad? Americans attempting English accents. It's BBC America making this show, and it has to ba viable in a British market when they sell it back tot he homeland. the two women with the same face... One is English the other American.

The Good? I saw her bum and some underboob. lets hear it for partial rear and angular nudity! Whoop! Whoop! And the swearing is liberal yet properly relevant. Comfortable foul language, over on Lost Girl when they say "shit" you can see that ever one is sniggering amazed that they are allowed to tuck that sort or verbiage udner the wire of the FCC... Or the CCC?


The story not that we know it yet from the pilot, but there are strong clues that nothing natural is at work, is about "clones" which means that there are mad scientists some where undertaking a massive global conspiracy who are probably considering cleaning their experiments by sticking a dozen bullets in the backs of a dozen identical heads.

Definitely Noir.

The criminal even has accidentally taken over the abandoned life of a police Detective so we get to compare this to banshee straight out of the starting blocks. I mean people died. The train left a mostly contiguous corpse but no carnage as creatively cartoony as from Banshee.

The second banana, her foster brother, is gay, but ther's something wrong with his mouth which no one else who is flirting with him seems to notice. Never mind. He seems to be half a dozen walking clichés but that's never no mind.

Science fiction on the cheap, but it certainly has promise.
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