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Re: Spock and T'Pring?

I rather liked D.C. Fontana's novel Vulcan's Glory that touches on this. For those who haven't read the book young Spock meets a young widowed Vulcan female crewman aboard Pike's Enterprise. Subsequently they have something going and Spock takes it hard when she dies. It's here that Fontana has Spock really commit to Vulcan stoicism. Fontana was probably trying to reconcile the smiling young Spock seen in "The Cage" with the familiar guy we know later.

I believe (in the book) Spock reflects on the difference in character between T'Pring and his new love.

Note, too, that in "Amok Time" Spock says he had hoped he "would be spared this," meaning he hoped he would be spared pon farr. It could be interpreted as meaning Spock's hybrid makeup had spared him from experiencing pon farr until the time of "Amok Time." But finally it catches up with him. Makes sense since otherwise Spock would have been biologically compelled to return home to fight for T'Pring more than once in previous years. Pon farr is said to occur every seven years, but in truth there is still not much known about how all this works. After the events of "Amok Time" we don't know if Spock ever had to deal with this again or how he dealt with it.
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