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TAS cadets on Flickr.

From one of the proposals.
Just to clarify for other readers, that art is from an earlier Filmation proposal -- evidently one that was proposed around 1968-9, with the idea being to do a companion/spinoff series in animation that would run in parallel with the live-action ST, focusing on the cadet proteges' adventures on Saturday mornings while the original show featured the adult crew in prime time. It was scuttled when TOS was cancelled. Then, several years later, Filmation developed the version that was a direct continuation of TOS itself.

So we don't actually have any details or artwork from any of the non-Filmation proposals from the '70s, just hearsay accounts.

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I'll probably buy it at some point purely to have the complete collection but i've always been a bit unsure of it as a piece of worthwhile Trek....probably because Roddenberry didn't support it strongly himself towards the end....i think that's definitely influenced me (and probably others)
Well, as stated, Roddenberry didn't support a number of the movies or later TOS episodes by then. He was pretty sour on any Trek that he didn't personally produce. But by now the amount of Trek he didn't produce far outweighs the amount that he did, and includes some very acclaimed stuff like TNG's peak years, DS9, and First Contact. So it's worth questioning whether Roddenberry's distaste for the Trek he didn't personally make is a standard that the rest of us should really embrace.

Not to mention that TAS had D.C. Fontana as the head writer, which is more than TOS season 3 or the movies can say.
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