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Re: Spock and T'Pring?

This has been bugging me for a few years
We've seen Spock in situations with Women prior to Amok Time and would see him in more, afterwards (True, most of those were triggered by him being "under the influence")
Now suppose for a moment that in the years Spock was at Starfleet (and that's quite a few Years btw) He developed a relationship with a female crew member
Now, if Vulcan males had to endure it every seven years of their adult life, Spock would have been hit by it during his time under Pike's command. that he didn't suggests that he might have had something going on that kept the pressures from building up.
Now, for two years under Kirk's command (and maybe a few years prior to that under Pike's) he hasn't had any "activity") Suddenly Ponn Farr hits him harder than a barrell of Romulan Ale.
Now Nu Spock doesn't have T'Pring (She's most likely dead in the destruction of Vulcan) but he does have Uhura. Will his relationship with her offset the mating drive? Or will it cause him to go out of control some night when they're off duty? and kill Uhura due to the comparative human fragility
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