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I'm aware of that.

PAD's blogs (and KRAD's) have mentioned frustrations with not being able to make pitches, not hearing back from Pocket and no contracts being offered to them. Of course, they are also being professional in not stating in print exactly what's going on.
I'd speculate that PAD probably commands a higher fee than most of the other Trek writers, due to his relatively high-profile in the comic book world, so if they're cutting costs, it stands to reason they'd be using him less.

The KRAD thing is weird - it doesn't exactly shed much light on the issue, but he had the whole thing with Starcraft: Spectres, which he finished and turned in the manuscript for, and then Pocket nixed it and handed it to another author for reasons we don't have a clue about... and I'm fairly sure the editor of the Starcraft line at the time is the same guy editing Trek now.
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