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Re: Early UK Release For Star Trek Into Darkness

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I know when to stay off this site. Quite a few people from across the pond in here.
Perhaps there should be a separate "official" early review thread that can be merged into the whole upon the movies release in the States?
Why bother? We should have a review thread as normal and just like the rest of us, Americans can join in when it is released.
Yes, we Brits normally have to do the same. The Big Bang Theory seems the worst right now: I remember when we had just seen the first episode of Season 6, and all of the active threads were already talking about Amy getting into a fight with Wil Weaton! Then, for some reason they split the series in half, to resume in a few days, so we will only just be seeing "The Santa Simulation" at the same time as Americans are watching "The Tenure Turbulence". This is incredibly frustrating, not just because of the forum spoilers, but also because clips will already be on YouTube, and the synopsis on Wikipedia, plus reviews on any number of sites. It's as if everyone else is in a special club and you're the only one not allowed in.
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