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Indeed, and it shouldn't be allowed on TrekBBS.
Related point: In the Future of Trek forum (and in other posts) Christianity is attacked, but no one champions the elimination and/or censorship of that kind of language. If one form of "offensive" language has to go, it all needs to go.
just like corporations are not persons, religion is not a person or persons. You can change companies or the religion you are in but you cannot change your sexuality as it is innate and personnal. I reserve the right to attack all religion as they are not people but corporations.
Christianity is the basis of a faith and its associated teachings, not a corporation, and is as personal to its believers as any part of the inner self. However, if you insist on attacking it, then do not cry when gay people are treated with the same open disrespect you show here.

This is not "PC world--only when it suits my agenda," so if you open the door to hate, do no be surprised if it comes your way. Balance of the universe.
" be like God, you have the power to make the world anything you want it to be."
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