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Re: Does It Get Better???

Oh no. I wasn't doubting what drove her into the past, I just talking about the kid gloves the old lady had to use to manoeuvre her younger self into doing exactly what she wanted her to do. If Admiral Janeway said "I want to sneak through" then Janeway would have instantly rebelled and declared that they will attack the Borg because it the most righteous thing they can do... Meanwhile if Admiral Janeway said that she wanted to attack the Borg, it is then that our Captain would have said "No, we must quietly sneak through because we'll lose good people in a brawl it's doubtful we can completely come out on top of."

I used the word "contrary" to describe her character and Captain Braxton would agree with me.

Janeway can't always be the hero with the real deal plan unless she bullies and ridicules everyone else into admitting that they are wrong with bad plans... Which is me just overstating how often a device used by writers, is for minor characters to walk out shitty foolish ideas no one should ruminate so that the hero can shoot down whereafter said hero looks more intelligent and even more amazing.

Notice how in Void when Tuvok suggested that they murder every one one they meet and take their shit, but it was wise Janeway who reasoned out logically eventually that piracy and murder is naughty and wrong, and right now it just wasn't a good fit for the direction she thought about taking the ship in.
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