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Re: How widespread is transporter technology?

King Daniel wrote: View Post
In Enterprise's "Affiction", set in 2154, we're told that "Very few people have access to that kind of technology." after Phlox is beamed off-planet.
Something I noticed about Enterprise (or thought I did) is that in the mid 22nd century, the Vulcans don't obviously have transporter technology. It would be a prideful moment if Humans developed it before they.

I imagined transporter stations in place of todays train stations, where civillians beamed between different towns and cities. I never thought people had them in their homes.
I could see having a transporter in your home, but it being a luxury item that was on the pricey side. Most people would have to go to their building lobby, or walk down to the one servicing their neighborhood.

C.E. Evans wrote: View Post
I always viewed transporter travel as being akin to today's air travel.
Maybe a bit more ubiquitous than that. They have private vehicles and large bus like conveyances and subways, but there are the transporters too.

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