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Re: Does It Get Better???

That's not the impression I got due to the fact that several times they show that she herself isn't happy with the life she has back in the AQ because she feels her family isn't complete. She even says several times how hardned she's become due too and how it's made her forget the optimistic person she used to be. It mirrors exactly what Seven says in "Imprefection", that Janeway will never get over Seven dying. Janeway doesnt do it for her crew or for any hub, she does it for herself because after all her struggles of trying to get home she herself came home to nothing. She lost her best friend to mental illness and her potential mate and adopted daughter to death. Adm. Janeway is an example of a parent who's child has died before they do. Janeway hates that she is like Ransom and goes back to a time where she can get them home before she become that.
While it maybe selfish, it's very human.
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