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Re: What are you reading?

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RJDiogenes - did you ever get around to reading the book about the Great Molasses Flood?
I bought it, but it's still in my unread pile. I'm glad you reminded me, though, because it would be a good resource for something I'm writing at the moment.

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This is the second book on heroism, a favorite topic of mine
As a freshman, I took a class called: Heroism: Ancient and Modern which looked at how societies defined heroes from the Hellenistic Age to today (well, the 90s at that point). It was a fascinating study in how heroes are representative of the society which elevates them to such status. It's incredibly telling, therefore, that many 21st century heroes are incredibly flawed, dark, and of otherwise personally conflicted (Nolan's Batman comes to mind).
Oh, don't get me started. I think you'd find both of Scott's books interesting, but you should also check out that Blog-- a lot of it is about how heroism is defined and categorized. There's a lot there to inspire, but also a lot that's thought provoking and a lot that's illuminating as to how different people and cultures define their heroes.
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