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Re: Seat belts.

Ooh! Brownies

I will confess with repeated watchings over the years, there's a certain morbid entertainment in the suckiness, kinda like Threshold. I did find the whole Paradise City part very realistic. Sure the situation was fubared to no end... so much so I could easily see the UN thinking something like that was a great idea!

General Korrd was my favorite part of the whole thing. He knew he was in the ass end of no where and had the appropriate response ready. Drink like a fish until you pass out. Repeat as needed. I liked the Klingons so much better before post TNG era made them stereotypes.

Still, it doesn't get out of the bottom of my favorite movie lists. Not every movie can be TMP with it's secondary viewing value. I hadn't watched it since the 90's and then watched it on tv one time and realized this stuff is gold! Spock announcing they've achieved full penetration as the enterprise flies into a suggestively shaped hole! All the sexual innuendos were lost on me as a kid!
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