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Janeway Delta Quadrant BUN

So princess leia started this bakery hairdo fetish it seems. But Star trek should be past all that right? Nooo...

In cometh Katheryn Janeway.. with the most ridiculous female hairstyle i have seen since Kassidy Yates of DS9..

I mean its bad enough that janeway is your basic midwest hillbilly chick.. You're telling me she cant get a decent haircut? Crusher was elegant and refined.. Janeway is a pompus tomboy!

Its like you want to respect her, but she just pisses you off by throwing that whole home-grown corn-pone nonsense in your face. Like she was Judy Garland with all the freakin answers.. doesnt need advice from anybody but lets call a conference anyway.. AAAUGH...

If TNG Season 1 was torture, Voyager S1 and S2 is guantanamo bay on steroids...

7 of 9 is the only light at the end of my tunnel

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