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Re: New Frontier?

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
What are you basing that on? PAD has worked with Ed Schlesinger on all his post-Ordover New Frontier books.
I'm aware of that.

PAD's blogs (and KRAD's) have mentioned frustrations with not being able to make pitches, not hearing back from Pocket and no contracts being offered to them. Of course, they are also being professional in not stating in print exactly what's going on.

Or maybe I just dreamed it.

If that's not a falling out "of some kind", then it's at least a stalemate, or a failure to communicate, from somewhere. It seems weird when you know that Ed once worked so closely with PAD, on lots of NF and his original fiction - and that KRAD did some editorial work on "No Limits", IIRC.

tomswift2002 wrote: View Post
There could've been a contract involved that specified that Peter David had to write "X" number of novels, and Schlesinger had to go along with, at least til the contract ran out.
On PAD's blog, he has explained how he had a few three-book contracts with Pocket but the last NF was a two-book contract. He was told there wouldn't be a new NF contract till figures were in for the most recent book - and no one at Pocket has supposedly said anything to him since. But he and Ed have had a long author/editor collaboration going at Pocket.
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