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Re: Rewatching Star Trek Enterprise

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Funny, I feel this way about DS9 but I know everyone else in the world loves it; that's cool. I enjoy "Enterprise" and if I'm honest; it is my second favorite Trek after TOS (although I do enjoy TNG & Voyager).
Though the really, REALLY funny thing is that those who proclaim to like "Enterprise" disqualify their opinions from serious consideration by virtue of their self-evident lack of discernment. It's sort of like having a person who likes the smell of poo help you pick out your perfume/cologne.

I kid. I kid.

Well, kinda.
Try to read my mind; I bet you can!

To each his own; the difference is that I'm no troll, not ragging on your bad taste, lack of discernment and pathetic bad manners!

I kid, I kid,

Well, kinda,
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I agree and feel like his name should be Troll Ace based on his postings in this sub forum.
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Or the Ace is with a short A and the E is silent.
Gentlemen, you all know better than to stoop to this. Does everybody want a warning to call their very own? I really don't like handing them out, but I will if this keeps up. No more, please.

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How nice, a forum dedicated to the principle of "Do as I say and not as I do."

Several posts in a row of personal attacks unchallenged and without moderation ... interesting.
Considering the way you've been misbehaving in this forum for the past several days, I don't think you're in a strong position to scold, sport.

Remarkably, it appears you're all holding hands and singing around the campfire now. Please don't let this be a passing fancy.
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