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Re: 10 Things a New Trek Series Must Have

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That really goes for any previously produced material, including the Abramsverse. A new creative team would give themselves an advantage by starting over from scratch and redo things their way.
I tend to agree. But it would be way easier to stay consistent with the six hours of material Abrams produces than seven hundred hours made by dozens of different creators over four decades.

Continuing on in the Abramsverse would be less creatively restrictive than returning to the Prime Timeline.
Not necessarily, because continuity is continuity. A new Trek series will have to deal with it regardless of it being six hours or six hundred hours long. Like technobabble, continuity is best done sparingly. A new Trek series would be better served dealing with new characters and situations unique to itself rather than referring to past ones from an earlier production.
I think an Abramsverse show could easily work around the events of the movies by featuring a crew that was way off in deep space while those events happened. What's really important is maintaining visual continuity, because I doubt Paramount/CBS want to muddy the Trek waters anymore than they are already by going with a Mobile Suit Gundam like "we're gonna pump out different AUs and looks for most new productions" deal. The Abrams look/universe is Trek from here on out, but it's a big enough playpen that you could do any number of stories without actually involving the rebooted TOS crew.

The only time continuity would really be an issue is if the Abramsprise and crew were the focus of the new show. Then you have to accommodate the movies and possibly the game(s).
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