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Re: Star Trek Enterprise: The most "likable" cast?

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So you wouldn't want to hang out with him?

I'll just add all of Vulcan to that category. After the novelty wore off I'd be heading for the nearest Ferengi bar.
Meet him? Sure... I'd be all over that just to say I did. But hanging out with him would probably lose it's novelty real quick as the awkward silence ensues. This is the guy who needed a few days to answer the question how do you feel? The same with any Vulcan really. So yeah... Come to Quark's! Quark's is fun! Don't walk, run!

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R. Star wrote: View Post
As I said, my list reflected likeability based on the character's personality in my humble opinion.
Just to be clear, I am merely discussing an item of interest that you brought to the floor. In no way am I attempting to invalidate your opinion or right to it, therefore, I hope I haven't given that impression.

Spock was probably one of the most competent Trek characters, and Nimoy one of the franchise's finest actors. But let's face it... just look at Spock in Trek IV. As amusing as his fish out of waterness was, he was terrible at interacting with people, though nerve pinching the gangbanger was completely logical!
This is where I get honestly confused. If you take the first 4 TOS motion-pictures (TMP, TWoK, TSS, and TVH) in terms of Spock's arc it is an unintended masterpiece of character developement. In "Star Trek IV," Mr. Spock finally attains the holy-grail of his existence ... balance between his two-halves and inner peace. He becomes a truly wise being.

Almost a prophet in that once he has reconciled his two halves he eventually sets out to reconcile his people and the Romulans.

The Leonard Nimoy/Mr. Spock dynamic is just pure magic to my mind. Magnetic and awe-inspiring.

Again, just my opinion with no offense intended.
No offense taken. I wasn't meaning to bash the character in any aspect, just pointing out... he's Vulcan. Vulcans aren't very sociable beyond saying what needs saying. So that damages his likability score. NuSpock certainly didn't do him any favors either in that department. That doesn't mean he's not an important part of the crew or the guy I'd want at the station next to me when it's hitting the fan, quite the opposite. Nor does it mean just because he isn't likable that he isn't entertaining to watch on the screen. Watching McCoy and Spock banter is always entertaining be it dramatic effect or comedy.

No apology needed, we have our opinions and this is a discussion board after all, so that is what we're supposed to do in theory!
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