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Re: TOS Caption Contest #271: The Tholian Caption

BONES: And stop practicing your neck-pinch on the crew!
SULU: Her head hit the self-destruct.
SCOTT: $#@*!

UHURA: I'm up here Ensign... what's your name?
SPOCK: He's Ensign Deadmeat if he doesn't stop looking ay my woman!

BONES: You heard the man's last request. He clearly said we should tango, and I lead.
SPOCK: Effing illogical.

KOENIG: Is that a greenscreen for a digital set extension?
JUSTMAN (off camera): Maybe in 40 years!

What's it taste like?
BONES: Why, it's tart and TANGy!
SPOCK: Shut up and pour faster.
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