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Re: anyone else APPRECIATE chakotay's ethnic bits?

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It would be the same if I threw my European heritage in everyone's face at every moment by playing the bagpipes, running with the bulls and drinking vodka until I threw up.

That's the same cliche nonsense they did with Chakotay's "Indian" heritage.
Some of us like bagpipe music!
I wasn't bashing bagpipe music. If it floats your boat, go for it. Please don't play it loud around me though! The point I was getting at was they never specified what tribe or ethnicity Chakotay was. They just applied every applicable Indian cliche to him, which really did a disservice to all the Native Americans. There were times he seemed South American, other times like he was from the Plains Tribes, and other times they just didn't even pretend to try and care.

That would be like me celebrating my European heritage by playing the bagpipes even though my family was from Germany. Why not, it's a European cliche isn't it? Just like running with the bulls in Spain and drinking Vodka until you throw up in Russia. I'm European and that's part of my culture. Yes, that does sound stupid. So was Voyager's treatment of Chakotay.
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