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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

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Thought it was really good. My only complaint was that this Clara just seemed a little too.... normal. She seemed to be lacking much of the fire and spirit that the previous versions had, and reminded me a little too much of every other modern DW companion we've had.

There was something really fresh and unique about the Victorian girl and the starship genius that I think would have been much more interesting to continue.
Nah, she felt more believable instead of them trying to out Amy Amy. The cocky, wisecracking thing has been done to death with Amy, River and compounded with Melody and Clara. It's been done enough and it screams "TV show character". Seriously, how many people do you know like that in real life? You'd be doing good to know just one. I don't care how cocky or full of themselves someone is, walking into a machine that's larger on the inside, can travel anywhere through time\space and is owned by a thousand year old alien....yeah, that'll humble you up and close your mouth real quick.

Unless you're a Victorian, then you'd probably be balled up in a corner in pants shitting fear. And that's before you met the lizard lady and the large headed demon. So the idea of getting back to a more believable companion is refreshing. Especially since one of the roles of the companion is to bring a fresh sense of wonder to the show. The companion comes in new, amazed at it all, while the Doctor and the audience get to smile because we know what it's all about.
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