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Re: Greg's Trek Ships and Things

Some pics of stuff from the past. No new updates at the moment. Got sucked into STO and KSP again. That and my creative spark is fucking me over.
1. Ambassador Dreadnaught.
One of my favorite Next Gen era ships, I always wanted to see a dreadnaught variant. The original model is by Dave Metlesets, modified by myself.

2. USS Redemption, JJ Reality
This is a concept I came up with watching the 09 Star Trek one day. It is suppose to feel more Constitution like, with nods towards the Excelsior (NX version). She is also about the same size of the Constitution. Concept by me, perspective drawing by Adam Kop.

3. Gorn Visara-class Battleship
This one was inspired by the Gorn frigate concept for STO.

4. Vectorman
Low Poly version of the character from the game Vectorman.

5. IKS Krage
Design concept for my ST: Renegade movie I'm working on.

6. Concepts 1

7. Concepts 2

8. Metaluna
Redid some materials on Madman's Metaluna model a long time ago.

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