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Re: Worst Star trek actor ever

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George Takei. Atrocious actor who reacts to anything by looking confused or giving a shit eating grin.

Nasty person and shameless media whore too. Has milked almost 50 year old quarrels on set and his own sexuality endlessly for tabloid exposure. Feels like he should be constantly in the public eye because he had a minor role in a 60s action show. Obsessively jealous that far more talented actors get more recognition than he should be getting for saying "Aye sir!" every 3 episodes.

His comeuppance thankfully eventually came. After bitching about Shatner's acting for years he made an embarrassing tit out of himself in his Voyager episode with a performance that wouldn't be passable in a school Christmas play. Wonderful. Loathsome human being. The Paris Hilton of Star Trek. He'd do anything to become a bit more famous.

Runner up is Eric Bana as Nero but at least he has given great performances elsewhere.
"Nasty person" "loathsome human being"? Neither. I've met the man. I don't care for his acting, but your choice of words says more about you than you realize. Lighten up.
I've met him as well, on multiple occasions, and I have to agree, he's actually very warm and really enjoys meeting his fans. The issue with his acting in TOS is that the crew was not an ensemble, as is common today, but that Sulu was part of the second tier of cast members. With the exception of "The Naked Time", I can't recall him having anything interesting to do in the entire series. All he was there for was to push buttons and occasionally say, "Aye aye, sir."

I did think he was a little off in his Voyager episode, but he was essentially trying to duplicate a performance he'd given five years earlier. Unless you're performing in theatre, doing the same role every night, that's not easy. When they broke away from replicating scenes from TUC, his performance got a lot better. Grace Lee Whitney was a thousand times worse in that episode, IMO.

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I never liked "Battlefield". Frank Gorshin in tights looked too much like Riddler in black/white face. I get the concept, but the execution just didn't work for me.
I was going to cite Frank Gorshin in this thread myself. He was stiff in the role, and every time he had to say the name "Cheron", he paused as though he was trying to remember how it was pronounced. (I'm pretty sure he pronounced it in at least two different ways in the episode, too.)

And you can add me to the list of people who didn't like Jolene Blalock's acting, either. It always seemed to me that she was trying so hard to present an unemotional facade that her face would actually twitch from the strain.

It seems that a common problem among actors who have guest-starred as Vulcans is that they feel like they have to show that they're being unemotional, instead of letting the unemotional dialogue do most of the work for them. "Unemotional" does not have to equal "wooden". In the case of Jolene Blalock, her acting is probably the whole reason they had to do the "Stigma" storyline and retcon Surak's influence to occur more recently in Vulcan history than we'd otherwise been led to believe. (It didn't help that Gary Graham - who is otherwise a fine actor - played Ambassador Soval like he was constantly on the verge of a temper tantrum.)
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