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Re: New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser!

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Your sarcastic post is right. Thats all that old lame trek was, it had absolutle nothing good about it. It survived for over 40 years because nerds suck. All the compelling stories and good characters was holding it back. Real trek needs

-Absolutely no story outside of a reason for special effects or lensflares. We wouldn't want to teel a good story. Thats for nerds.
-No dialog that isn't a sexual reference, quip, or brainless exposition
-Horrible Actors who make the characters into unlikeable jackasses with no redeeming qualities
-SEX SEX SEX! Because if it doesn't have boobs every few minutes, its not "mature". Adults need boobs to be entertained, and lots of sex. Nothing compelling has ever been made when you keep the shirts on the women. A movie without boobs isn't a real movie
-Explosions, because the only thing better than boobs are explosions.

Bryan Burk agrees. He said while he was in Australia that he thought of Trek as a bunch of people standing around on the bridge and talking, and so went out to make a film that "I would like"/
Kim: I'm detecting some weird technobabble.
Janeway: A possibly dangerous anomaly that we know nothing about?
Kim: Yeah. I suppose we should steer clear.
Janeway: Ha! Good one, Ensign. Take us in, Mr. Paris.
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