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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

* I got the resemblance to RTD's style as well. It felt strangely nostalgic.

* I liked the tweek to the opening theme. Nicely done.

* I like the refernce to the "girl in the shop", though it was rather a throwaway line. Blink and you might miss it.

* Ohhh, lovign the Tardis interior more and more. The lower level, and the quick glimpse of corridor.

* Clara is just adorable and I love her dearly. Not quite sure I saw the point of the whole "Come back tomorrow" thing.

* All I can figure is that the Doctor is through picking up random women. However, he can't resist a mystery, so...

* Matt's become a lot less manic and annoying, and has become downright charming. About damn time.

I gave it an "Outstanding"
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