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Madden didn't have much background (a rather stunted TV filmography that's about it) on IMDB and I don't use Memory Alpha all that much as for Phillips, I neglected to look him up as "Space Officer was a bit of a generic term and could have been applied to anyone in uniform on the ship (kinda like trying to find out who the girl was that passed Captain Pike when he was going to his quarters)

Well I won't hire you as a detective.........

Robert Phillips was the 'space officer' who tried to entice Pike to give up escape and take Vina in the Harem scene--I pointed out in my first post he wasn't a Enterprise crewman but a generic officer in Pike's illusion. Phiilips also stared as the 'bad MP' in the Dirty Dozen.

And Edward Madden didn't have much of a carrer it's true, but just because they're not as known as Nimoy end Goodwin doesn't mean they should jump in a grave and be counted as 'dead' by someone keeping track of the original pilot cast.
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