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Re: anyone else APPRECIATE chakotay's ethnic bits?

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It would be the same if I threw my European heritage in everyone's face at every moment by playing the bagpipes, running with the bulls and drinking vodka until I threw up.

That's the same cliche nonsense they did with Chakotay's "Indian" heritage.
Some of us like bagpipe music!
And some of us like peyote.

Oh wait no, I don't actually like peyote, but I know rather a lot of people who do who look like hippies. They wander about in all weather in bare and filthy feet and drape themselves in washed out, once colorful garb. There's a lot of mumbling. But I know a lot of intelligent activist hippies who would get pretty pissy if I cracked peyote jokes whenever I talked to them even though the peyote partakers are damn proud of their peyote partaking. God it's hilarious listening to them. One girl likes to tell me that by taking peyote she is changing the world for the better because she is having an impact spiritually on all those around her. Which I guess isn't much different than Chak's hallucinogenic machine since he thinks it improves his perspective which would have a follow on effect with everyone he interacts with.

You and Hitler oughta get together
You oughta learn to knit and wear matching sweaters
Janeway does Melbourne
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